cradle 7681cby Jan Billig
Reprinted from the October 2008 Messenger.

One of the ministries of our church that is perhaps not heard of much, but nonetheless is very important, is our Cradle Roll department. Unlike many churches, our Cradle Roll is not just a list posted somewhere in the church inscribed with all the babies names from birth to three years old. We do have that, and their photos as well, and a wonderful nursery and staff to accommodate their needs.

However, our program goes one step further. Several years ago we began sending a monthly newsletter called “Splash” to the parents of our little ones. This is an informational letter full of ideas for parenting, building your child’s faith, and many stories that relate to each child’s specific age group. Each letter corresponds top the child’s age that month. Also, once each year a CD of children’s songs is sent to the parents to be shared with their child. Each child receives a birthday card and a card celebrating the birthday of their baptism.

We feel that building a child’s faith from day one is very important—and this has been a good tool to help our parents do that. We have had many positive comments on the program. One parent said, “the minute my newsletter comes, I sit right down and read it clear through.”

How can you help? Sometimes we do not receive word of our babies' births as soon as we would like. If you get the news of a new arrival, please call our church office (229-2114) and share the news, so we can contact the family as soon as possible. Also you can pray for these young parents and their children.

Thanks for helping.
Jan Billig, Coordinator