Charting a Future Filled With

Charting a Future Filled With

The United Methodist Church of Hyde Park

The United Methodist Church of Hyde Park


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The United Methodist Church of Hyde Park

The United Methodist Church of Hyde Park

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United Methodist Church of Hyde Park

1 Church Street●Hyde Park, NY 12538●(845) 229-2114


Please Note that due to a COVID-19 surge we are not able to have in person worship in the Sanctuary. We will be streaming and offering a Drive In experience for Christmas, weather permitting!

Change in Plans for Christmas Eve Drive-In-Service

Christmas Eve Drive-In-Service: I have four words that define where we are at: rain, wind, electricity, technology. Pairs of those four words are mutually exclusive and no one should use them in the same sentence.

Here is a formulaic representation of the above:
rain + wind + electricity + technology = disaster

There has been so much work and resource investment made by MANY people in the Christmas Eve Drive-In-Service that we are moving that service to Wednesday, December 23, 2020 at 6:00 PM. This service will have all the special guests lighting the Advent Wreath, special music by some of our congregation, and worship music: this is the Christmas Eve Drive-In-Service as we planned it. Again, we are moving the Christmas Eve Drive-In-Service to Wednesday, December 23, 2020.

So, what will we be doing on December 24, 2020?

Well, there will be a low-tech service involving the Pastor only without the AV at 6:00 PM in front of the entrance to the Education Building. We will be broadcasting it over FM radio into the parking lot for those who cannot now change their plans to come to the service on December 23rd. In addition, we will be streaming the December 23rd service at 6:00 PM on Thursday.

On Thursday, December 24th, we will also be streaming services that have all the special music and additional Advent Candle lighting guests at 8:00 PM and at 11:00 PM.















Christmas Eve Services:

December 24, 2020

Drive In Service, 6:00 PM:

In Your Car with an FM Radio
Streaming as well
Worship UMCHP YouTube Channeljoinus1a

Traditional Service, 8:00 PM:

Streaming Only
Worship UMCHP YouTube Channel

Midnight Service, 11:00 PM:

Streaming Only
Worship UMCHP YouTube Channel



First Sunday After Christmas Eve Service:

Regular Worship Times Apply.

First Sunday After New Year's Eve:

Regular Worship Times Apply.