Charting a Future Filled With

Charting a Future Filled With

The United Methodist Church of Hyde Park

The United Methodist Church of Hyde Park


Reflecting A Life Centered On

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COVID-19 Altered Schedule
Every Sunday:

     8:45 AM- Blended
           Starting July 12, 2020
           Live and Streaming
     11:00 AM- Blended ReStream

The United Methodist Church of Hyde Park

The United Methodist Church of Hyde Park

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United Methodist Church of Hyde Park

1 Church Street●Hyde Park, NY 12538●(845) 229-2114

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Virtual UMCHP

Virtual UMCHP

Virtual UMCHP




Holy Week Week Services- 2020

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These services arose out of a heartfelt need to deepen the experience of Holy Week through connecting with and relating to the human side of Christ's struggle as he journeyed to the cross. Too often the average worshiper leaves Palm Sunday to come back on Resurrection Sunday with only the barest of hints of the drama of the week before. In essence we go from celebration to celebration, not connecting and dwelling on the full emotional and painful price that God paid for us during Holy Week. 

These services are meditative. The music is calm and reflective. The tone of the service is subdued. The leader is not the focus. We center on the Christ candle as it makes its way through the week to finally find it's resting place on the altar on Good Friday. At the end of Good Friday's service, it is extinguished as the flame of life leaves our Savior dead in a tomb. I have found that the only way I can fully feel Easter is by trying to fully feel Holy Week through the scriptures. 


Every service will start at 7:00 PM, and will last about a half hour. There are very few elements of the traditional worship services of Sunday morning: we gather to sing, to pray, to read scripture, to walk with our Lord in this His most painful days. It is that simple.


 All service are available by streaming online only.
No on campus public worship services
due to the coronavirus emergency.

Services for Holy Week
Palm Sunday
April 5
9:00 AM
11:00 AM
Matt 21:1-11
Phil. 2:5-11
Mt 26:14-27:66
 or Mt 27:11-54
Holy Monday
April 6
7:00 PM Isaiah 42:1-9
Matt 21:1-17
Holy Tuesday
April 7
7:00 PM Isaiah 49:1-7
Matt 21:18–25:46
Holy Wednesday
April 8
7:00 PM Isaiah 50:4-9a
Matt 26:1-16
Holy Thursday
April 9
7:00 PM Exodus 12:1-14
Matt 26:17-75
Good Friday
April 10
7:00 PM Isaiah 52:13-53:12
Matt 27:1-61
Holy Saturday
April 11
No Services Matt 27:62-66
Easter Sunday
April 12
9:00 AM
11:00 AM
Acts 10:34-431
Corinthians 15:19-26
Matt 28:1-15



(suggested cost $6.00 per person)