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 Ash Wednesday:

  • Date:
    March 2nd
  • Times:
    Drive-In: 12 Noon
    In-Person/Stream: 7:00 PM
  • Safe Imposition of Ashes and Oil.



  • We hope to get our Monday Night Light program going for March.


Members MovingMembership

While there are many models to talk about membership in the technical sense, I think that they are all too boring to really motivate and captivate us to be parts of the organic body of Jesus Christ called to be in covenant and disciplined relationship with each other. For me, local church membership is all about being part of the contemporary dialogue of faith.


As a church we struggle not to define the basics of our faith, like Biblical foundation, true divinity of Jesus, Trinitarian expression, sanctification, etc..., but we struggle to both be faithful and to make faith relevant to the contemporary needs of our world; this is the discussion. Discussions happen when we each have a vested interest in making our positions, our feelings, our hopes, our fears, clear in committed, accepting, and open forum where we decided to sometimes disagree on points, but unify under the main goals and directions that unite us. We don't walk away, we come to consensus, we act, and we move forward together for the mutual good of the body.


When one joins a church, they commit themselves to the discussion. Sometimes that means saying little but participating in the ministries that God has called one to and one finds meaningful. Sometimes that means service in perfecting the church through voice and action on a committee. Now, committee service is never about what an individual wants, but must be a calling to hear the broader discussion and voices in the church and representing those voices in leadership. Joining the discussion may mean that you join a social group and support its actions and activities. In essence membership means that one is willing to have voice and to be identified with the United Methodist Church of Hyde Park, NY, and all the wonderful outreach and caring it shows to the community.


But joining the conversation means that one will be in a covenantal relationship with everyone else in this local body of Christ. We join together to not have one voice over another, but that we might perfect the witness of Christ in the family of Christ and to the wider community. We strive to not have voices ignored, even when it means that difficult conversations take place, for the body is built up when we raise or tones in a great chorus of conversation to the glory of God.


  • We would love to have you join the conversation that is the ongoing witness to Jesus Christ at UMCHP. Fill out the form below.
  • We have a new members dialogue coming up on
    • TBA
  • New members will be welcomed in on
    • TBA
  • Let the pastor know if you would like to join but neither of those dates work for you.