flowerWho doesn’t enjoy getting a delivery of beautiful flowers?

During a Blessed Connections meeting a while back, we were talking about how often the altar flowers are left behind on a Sunday Morning. These arrangements are lovely and are lovingly dedicated in memory of loved ones or in celebration of a joyous occasion. We thought it would be great if we continued those dedications even further than Sunday mornings, and distribute the flowers out to those who may need a bit of cheering up.

This wonderfully happy job came to me, since I am the “flower person” in church, who takes the orders and dedications. I never before realized how much joy flower delivery can bring. It becomes a win/ win situation as I walk to the door and knock, then get to see the surprise and delight on the recipients’ face as they invite me in. The flowers are placed where they will be enjoyed for days to come, and I get to visit and get to know our church members a little better.

I especially love this job with Blessed Connections because I have loved flowers since I was a child. Many mornings you will find me walking around my yard, thanking the flowers for blooming. The rose bush that leafed out nicely, but showed no buds, then one morning there were little bits of pink peeping out all over…the poppies, which seeded themselves voraciously last season, are stretching themselves on four foot stems reaching for the sun. Not to mention the bleeding hearts, one of the first to bloom, stunning arcs of perfectly shaped hearts. There has got to be a special reason for their creation. Is it God reminding us of his love after a long, cold winter?

When, sometimes, there are no altar flowers left behind on Sunday and someone needs some cheering up, I happily cut flowers from my garden to deliver to them. This is a sharing that is so enjoyable to me as part of Blessed Connections. Through flowers, we are connected and we are greatly blessed.