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The United Methodist Church of Hyde Park is a place to call home. Hyde Park is a wonderful place to be. I cannot think of a more welcoming family in Christ than the one that we have found here at "UMCHP." I am excited about the church and wider community whose warmth and charm are simply irresistible. While this is the first time my family has ever been out of Connecticut, we feel right at home. I think that this has been one of the primary missions of "UMCHP," helping everyone to experience that sense of homecoming that is being the body of Christ. Whether you are experienced in the Christian walk, remember it as a distant childhood experience,  question the need for Jesus in your life, or are down right skeptical about the existence of God, you are welcome to this home as we wrestle with what it means to be faithful in an ever changing and challenging world.

Previous Churches I have Served:

Before I came to Hyde Park, I served communities in Pleasant Valley, CT (1993-2001), Plainville, CT (2001-2005), and Monroe, CT (2001-2013). My first appointment upon graduating from Yale Divinity School was at the the Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church on November 1, 1993.

Some Other Things About Me:

I met my wife when in my last two years of my ministry at Pleasant Valley, and we were married in that church. In Plainville we started our family with the birth of our daughter.

We came to "UMCHP" on July 1, 2013. The moment we stepped through the doors of the church we felt the love and grace of this wonderful community surrounding us. One of the wonderful joys I have found in "UMCHP" is that we feel that our faith is not just something that comes out on Sunday, but is a vital part of our everyday experience: we are a group of sincere Christians who are trying our best to not just vocalise our faith, but meeting the challenge of actually living it out.


With the increasing state of emergency due to the coronavirus, communication in case of emergency is critical during this time. My Google Voice number is listed below. Leave a message or text me and will be back in touch with you. Please use this means only if you have a pastoral emergency for illness or death.

‪(203) 572-1795‬

You can also email me: