You can find the last month of streams here: Service Recordings

--OPTION #1--
Audio Streaming
(Sundays 8:50AM & 10:50AM)

    Click on the Triangle

--OPTION #2--
YouTube Live Stream Link
(Click on the Link or the Graphic
Sundays 9:00 & 11:00 AM):

Worship UMCHP YouTube Channel

2020 03 14 06h40 12


****If you would like to use your own streaming player like VCL or Windows Media Player, then keep reading.*****


 When using the link, please follow the instructions below.⇓


If there is NO live stream available, the page will look like this:

2016 04 18 09h53 10
Which means that there is no ability to stream at this time.

You can check back later.
Remember that the live stream is only available consistently on Sundays between 8:40AM and 10:30AM.

 If the worship service IS broadcasting and a live stream is available, the page will look like this:

 2016 04 18 10h15 32.plain
Next you will want to "click" on the "M3U" button on the right part of the page:

2016 04 18 10h15 32.2
A couple of things could happen when you select this button:

1. Your computer could ask if you would like to play the list: select "Yes."

2. Your computer could ask you to save the Live.m3u file to your computer:

2016 04 18 10h24 00
Choose the location you would like to save the file at, remembering where you saved it. The "Desktop" is usually a good place to save this temporary file. Navigate to the file using "Windows Explorer" and double click on the file. Usually opening it with Windows Media Player works just fine, but anything that can play an MP3 stream will work.

That's it. You should be listening to the live stream at this point.